Why should you schedule a sports photo shoot with In The Game Photos?


  • To capture action moments of your child during game play.
  • You want your child to be able to relive the exciting moments from their game.
  • To share professional action shots of your child with friends and family that cannot be at the game.
  • It is a great way for team parents to capture photos of the entire team that can be turned into a slideshow for an end of year party and given as gifts to the players and coaches.


Sporting Event Photo Shoots Include:


  • Photos of players during warm-ups and on the sidelines or in the dugout.
  • An online gallery where you can view and download images.
  • Discount pricing for ordering prints.



  • Regular game in season or pre-season: $125 per game.
  • Special event games such as "Senior Night" or "Homecoming" which includes photo coverage during the ceremony: $175
  • If you are looking for tournament pricing, please contact us for a multi-game discount.